This baby Cardinal was found on the ground after a
storm had destroyed the nest.   A sibling had become
entangled in the shredded nest and was dead.    Mom
& Dad were feeding the baby on the ground but temps
are to be in the low 50's tonight.    The baby and the nest were infested with mites and had to be deloused
The nest was reconstructed like the one below by placing pine needles in the bottom of a planting pot and placing the rebuilt nest down on top of the needles.  The pot was then screwed to the tree at two attach points for stability about two feet from the original location that was unsuitable for a nest..
When the pot was attached to the tree we also attached an infrared surveillance camera above the nest so we could determine if the baby was being fed.   During the ten minutes all this was taking place the parents were hanging close and talking to the baby.   In less than two minutes after the ladder was removed from the area both parents were feeding the baby again.
This is the way things are suppose to work !
Another  small storm came through shortly after dark, we turned on the camera and Mama was not on the nest and the temperature was to drop into the 50's so the baby was brought in for the night and placed on a heating pad.  It was returned to the nest at sunrise and the parents immediately started feeding it again so all is well again.
Due to the cold nights the baby is still coming in at night. At dawn the parents continue feeding it like nothing has happened.   We keep food for the parents about six feet from the nest and they really seem to appreciate it.   The baby spends it's day walking around the edge of the nest terrifying the local humans,  preening and sleeping.
06-02-04  The baby keeps jumping from the nest and exploring it's tree.  
To give an idea of how small this bird is: it only weighed 23 grams last night.
The baby left the nest for good before it could fly and spent the next two days in low bushes before leaving with the parents.
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